“…songs with warm guitar tones that have a wandering, intimate nature which makes it feel like the self-discovery is happening as its being written…” James Rettig — Stereogum

“…She’s a strikingly versatile songwriter who delivers powerful change-ups whenever you think she’s settled into a particular sound or style…” Eli Enis — The Alternative

“…You can feel the desperation in each passing second as "Stay For A While" draws to a haunting conclusion that knocks one back with its presence…” Lauren Rearick — The Grey Estates

“…made a strong impression with songs for the less implacable but sentimental like the bluesy "What If" that opens the ball but also "Stay For A While" and "So I'm Told". With this ability to switch from power-pop fury ("Night Owl", "Until The Last Time") to melancholy sweetness ("Market", "Now I See It All"), the emotion-rich interpretation Giana Caliolo will not leave anyone indifferent…” [translated through Google] — Les Oreilles Curieuses

“…Calicoco has developed a stellar sound, sure, but that’s not the best part of the release. Instead, it’s the sheer honesty of the album that really makes it work. There’s no pretense, no pretension, just a genuine love of music. “Float” shows up humble, doesn’t talk a big game, but makes a massive impact where it counts...” Steve DaSilva —  Floated Magazine

“…To be clever is one thing.  A quality that can get you pretty far on its own but throw in a little tenderness and the combination can make for something lethal. The songs on Float display some musical dexterity with unexpected beat turn arounds, modal switch ups and vocal acrobatics….” Ben Stephanus — With Guitars

“…Giana Caliolo, who performs as Calicoco, wields her big guitar like a paint brush to further color the nighttime sky. Her voice is unassumingly pretty and innocent, and her at-times gentle songs serve to pull the listener out of their shell and into her world…” Frank De Blase— Rochester City Newspaper

“…Needy immediately feels like Caliolo’s most impressive work to-date, each of the three tracks both memorable and endearing in their own right, drifting between weighty atmospherics and something altogether more forceful…” Tom Johnson — GoldFlakePaint